Party Time in the Cube Farm!

One thing you have to understand about my friends in the cube farm, is that they like to party. Specifically the Credit and Order Entry departments. Lucky for me, they are right next door!

It started small with a home-made birthday cake on someone’s birthday, that then grew into potluck lunches for birthdays. The turning point was Halloween 2007. That was the year that a ballsy chica in Order Entry decided to tell HR that they were planning a big Halloween party. New HR people that year, so party we did! Food, costumes, themed department decorations, food, a costume contest, food, cube decorations, and did I say food? So now we celebrate every holiday.

OH…and our lovely Nancy decided that EVERY DAY could be a holiday. She Googled around the internet and found food celebration days, and she announces at least one a week. Sometimes she treats everyone and brings something in, sometimes others help out, and other times it turns into a huge multi-departmental food extravaganza!

The most amazing recent excuse to party? Dick Goddard’s Birthday! That Woolly Bear Lovin’ King of the Skies turned 80 back in February. And Nancy declared we would celebrate Dick Day. Everyone was invited to bring weather related and animal related food or decorations. (Animals because he’s known for his efforts to help animal shelters). Sadly I was out of town that day, but I and others encouraged Nancy to contact the local TV station to tell them of the party. We had no expectation that he would show up, but they planned to go all out anyway. Streamers, balloons, a home made woolly bear cake that looked like something out of Ace of Cakes, his photo posted all over the cube walls…

Not the cake, but a real Woolly Bear.

And on the big day? Well, it seems that Dick Goddard and his WJW TV8 crew were so surprised and touched that someone would randomly throw a party, he decided to show up!!! Here is a video, but it’s unfortunately a little bit of work to get to. Click on the link and you’ll get to a slew of Dick Goddard Birthday videos. You will need to click to the next page to find:  “Solon Co. Celebrates Dick’s Birthday“.

Pic is probably from the 80's, but honestly, the guy is in great shape for his age!

So what’s next on the docket? MARDI GRAS!

I’ll fill you in on that part tomorrow 🙂



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