906 N. 83rd Street, Seattle, WA 91803


Now I feel comfortable showing photos 🙂 These were lifted from the real estate listing, so ignore the furniture and rugs you see. I’m sure I’ll be adding more over time 🙂

Front of house…looks a little smaller than it is. It’s long rather than wide. Beautiful irises, roses, lavender and sage in the front yard. I’m going to turn the remaining “lawn” into a kitchen herb garden.

The lower portion of the back of the house is the family room, an really nice addition with skylights. The blue building to the left is a big “garden house” or as we say in Ohio, a shed. The fish-eye lens again makes the house look a little smaller than it is, but it’s also making the grassy area look bigger. Ha! I may leave the grass, or I may create a vegetable garden. Without deer, I may have better luck than in the past.

If the photographer had turned to the left, you’d see a gas fireplace surrounded by buttercream painted woodwork and built-in shelving. Lots of built-in shelving in this house. Going to be doing a free-standing bookshelf liquidation as soon as they arrive…ha!

If the photographer turns to his/her right, you’d see another high window, with a low, built in book shelf going the width of the room. Keep turning, and the back wall has windows and an nice glass paned door looking out on the deck.

They took the island & pot rack, but we’re definitely going to replace them. Yep, that’s a Viking stove. To the left of the photographer is a fridge surrounded with custom storage shelving.

Nice sunny dining room. The whole first floor has great high ceilings.

Hard to get a good picture of this room because it’s oddly shaped with a slanted ceiling. This will be George’s office with a small futon for guests.

Behind the photographer there is more room, with a slanted ceiling. Nice closet along the left wall.

We have a claw-foot tub!

Ignore the bed put there for staging. This is a nice work room. Out that doorway and to the right is a nice, surprisingly bright laundry room. Down the hall behind the photographer is a 3/4 bath.

And the studio! Or at least that was the purpose of it. Sprung floor and everything (dancers know what I mean). This is going to be a workout room/my office. There is a door exiting to the outside. It’s the basement, so there are stairs up to the back yard. Nice light.

I can’t wait to share the neighborhood(s) with all of you. We’re in a really neat, eclectic area 🙂


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