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Anxiety – Deadline Please?

Working without knowing the deadline is maddening. The tasks required are numerous and time-consuming. It’s overwhelming…where do I start? Well, I can’t start these things over here without knowing the deadline. Let’s look over here then. Try these smaller projects? … Continue reading

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It’s Mikey! He Likes It!

I sometimes wonder how I managed to get through my childhood and teen years without suffering from some variety of malnutrition. It’s not to say that I ever lacked food. It was a matter of taste. My poor mother tried … Continue reading

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Lupita’s Mexican Restaurant

Today was a beautiful, sunny, not too hot day outside. George and I had both been spending entirely too much time working on various things, and not enough time slacking off together. He decided he wanted some Mexican food, so … Continue reading

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Kitty Mom

I have two kitties, Jack and Zoe. They are about 8 years old, and they are brother & sister litter-mates. I love them with all my heart. So of course, if they get sick or injured, even just a little, … Continue reading

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I Love a Good Obit

Yep. It’s macabre, I know. I was inspired to post this after listening to this essay on my NPR Station 90.3 WCPN. Happy to know that I’m not alone in my fascination. “Short Stories to Die For: The Art of … Continue reading

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Free Sale!

Continuing with the theme of “The Basement Purge”, my triage has led me to somewhat of a dilemma. I will admit, I am a pack rat. There is no pussy-footing around it. Some of it is due to my tendency … Continue reading

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Basement Purging

It’s complicated. I currently find myself on the brink of enormous change in my life. Though I am convinced the end result is going to be great, I’m in a holding pattern for now, with no real concrete start or … Continue reading

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