The Move-In

I’m sleepy. We got up around 6:15 a.m., finished packing up the apartment and kitties and headed over to the house 🙂

We knew we had a lot of stuff. For one, we moved into a slightly smaller house. Additionally, we went from having a 2 car garage to no garage. Finally, after living in a house for 10 years, with only really 2-3 weeks to do real house cleaning and pre-packing, there was no way we were going to get rid of everything we SHOULD have gotten rid of. Add to that the fact that we didn’t know what we would be moving into, I couldn’t make educated decisions about many of our possessions. For example, anyone need a lawnmower? Ha!

Yard is small enough that I’m tearing up most of what’s left of grass and expanding the garden 🙂

So I was feeling pretty overwhelmed and downright scared at the prospect of so much coming over. Had a couple mild panic attacks throughout the process, especially since they brought 3 small trucks instead of one big one. GAH

Mixed results on the delivery. Sadly, had some of my best wood furniture scratched pretty severely. But the absolute worst part is that our TV may have been damaged. It was originally packed by a 3rd party TV guy. He put special indicator stickers on the sides that would turn red should it be tilted too far, or receive impact. Yep, both tripped. AND I found out that a second 3rd party TV guy was supposed to contact us and arrive today to supervise the TV move and uncrate it. Yeah. No contact. AND no one told me I was supposed to expect him. Hopefully he’ll be here tomorrow. Fortunately I am married to one George Burgyan, tech extraordinaire.

After some seriously deep diving into boxes, George reached his goal of getting his desk and the internet working, and I reached my goal of getting enough unpacked so we can sleep comfortably in clean sheets, and get ready for the day tomorrow (clean towels for showers, with all appropriate toiletries). So now, after being somewhat productive, a lot of the tension has subsided. We’re  sitting now on our velvet futon, discussing storage options and game plans, watching Deadliest Catch while the blankets for the night tumble in the drier and the kitties smell every square inch of their new house.

George’s “Janky” setup ROCKS. Computer monitor + Roku & speakers = win.

Tomorrow, free the square footage from the cardboard!!!!!!!!!!!!


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