Oh You RoKu

What is Roku? Well, follow the link that I dropped back there. Because as far as I’m concerned, it’s a neato magic plastic box a little bigger than an Altoids can that has been providing us hours and hours of entertainment in our bare-bones little apartment. A magic box that George had the foresight to load into his car (rather than allow it to be stored away) and bring to the Seattle apartment.

In general, George and I don’t watch a ton of TV. We have a lot of shows we like, but we usually only end up watching around dinner or quite a bit later just to wind down at night. One of our signatures is to watch cooking shows during meals…whether it’s dinner during the week, or bagel sandwiches on Saturday mornings. Otherwise, we have hobbies and tasks and stuff and things that keep us plenty busy.

The problem is, most of the materials and equipment for our hobbies and tasks and stuff and things are stored in a warehouse until we move into the house. SO…each night around 9 p.m., thanks to the magic little Roku, we have been able to sit back, hang out, and load ourselves with entertaining things like:

  • Deadliest Catch” What? A show about fishing? Laaammme. Nope, completely addictive. Completely. And now I understand and respect why good crab is so expensive.
  • Mythbusters” Need we say more? IF we need to say more, you obviously have not watched, and ¬†you NEED to watch. Ennie like big boom.
  • How It’s Made “Snow Shoes. Chicken Pot Pie. Silver Miniature Tea Sets. Next! On How it’s made.” It’s rare there is a theme. I’m convinced they pull topics out of a hat for each episode. Remember how Mr. Rogers used to sometimes do segments where he visited factories? I specifically remember a crayon factory. I bet the creators of this show do as well…

Ah. Well deserved brain relaxation after a full day of work (George) and job hunting (me) & frustrations over the whole house sale/purchase¬†rigamarole (both of us). And brain relaxation that feeds the brain. I guess it’s like those nourishing vegetable based facial mud pack things, right?

Relaxing & Nourishing

The Roku Day Spa.


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