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The End.

I was so inspired today that I needed to post to my poor, neglected blog. All of you who are from CLE and are my age remember 107.9 The End and that it was the “Alternative” with a Capital “A” … Continue reading

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Has Lopez Jumped The Shark?

I shall begin with optimism. The TV show “Happy Days”, which directly inspired the term “Jump The Shark”, stayed on the air SEVEN YEARS AFTER the infamous Shark Jumping scene. So I am saying, there is still hope in my heart. … Continue reading

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Party Time in the Cube Farm!

One thing you have to understand about my friends in the cube farm, is that they like to party. Specifically the Credit and Order Entry departments. Lucky for me, they are right next door! It started small with a home-made … Continue reading

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WORLD TOUR 2011!!!

I am a long time patron of Ohio’s Own Winking Lizard Tavern. They have fantastic burgers, tasty wings, and oddly enough a pretty durn tasty “gyro”.  But if you’ve never been here before, all you need to know is that … Continue reading

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Got my mind on my money and my money on my mind…

Has anyone living in Ohio noticed that there have been quite a few bank robberies in the past few months? I have always heard of bank robberies happening. But rarely so “close to home”, and the frequency is almost disturbing. … Continue reading

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