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Food Trucks!

I’m not talking about Roach Coaches, folks. Over the past few months I’ve seen stories about “Gourmet Food Trucks” on various Food Network programs. If you haven’t heard, they are generally run by former restaurant chefs, or even by accomplished home … Continue reading

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Cooking with George: Palacsinta

The other night my husband George and I took the time to cook together, which I have to say is one of my favorite things to do. This is George! George! We created a fusion dish of our own invention, … Continue reading

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It was my birthday today! Yay me! Started the day early with Spinning class and enjoyed a nice breakfast with George while watching Food Network. All normal routine for a Saturday morning. But it’s my birthday and I didn’t want … Continue reading

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Adventures in Dabbling

Ah yes! Yet another blog in the endless depths of the internet blogosphere. Why should you read mine? I haven’t the foggiest idea other than it could be interesting in its randomness. One thing I do clearly know about myself … Continue reading

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